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My experience as a trainer was started back in my school days when I was selected to be one among six state-level student resource persons under the ants (Animation Training Programme for Students) project undertaken by IT@School (now KITE), Kerala.

I was a free software enthusiast even before I became part of ants, and had started developing applications under free (libre) licenses. But it was ants that made me start my first major software project, Chalanam animation software. However, I eventually dropped it since not many needed an animation software.

In 2012, I developed Sammaty Election Software, which helped hundreds of schools to switch from Windows-based proprietary software to free software, and thus earned me some recognition. I was starting to be a speaker in software-freedom-related programmes. It was further backed by my position as a technical writer, started back in 2013.

Here is a list of some important talks, seminars, and workshops.

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