Talks and Workshops by Nandakumar Edamana

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My experience as a trainer was started back in my school days when I was selected to be one among six state-level student resource persons under the ants (Animation Training Programme for Students) project undertaken by IT@School (now KITE), Kerala.

I have been a Free Software enthusiast since before I became part of ants, and had started developing applications under free (libre) licenses as part of my early experiments. But it was ants that made me start my first major software project, Chalanam animation software. However, I eventually dropped it since not many needed an animation software.

In 2012, I developed Sammaty Election Software, which helped hundreds of schools to switch from Windows-based proprietary software to free software, and thus earned me some recognition. I was starting to be a speaker in software-freedom-related programmes. It was further backed by my position as a technical writer, started back in 2013.

Here is a list of some important talks, seminars, and workshops.