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Some of the pictures I've taken from around my house since 2017 as part of learning photography. My camera is Nikon D3300, and I have two zoom lenses and a 50mm prime. I tend to use manual exposure and prefer manual focusing, because that helps me learn. I know many of these pictures are not sharp; it's me, not the gear.

Some portraits I've taken are better than many pictures listed here.

UPDATE: I'm planning to make use of autofocus in future as much as possible. I've come to learn that not all systems are good for manual focusing. Besides, there is more to taking photos than focusing, right?

Cropping and/or basic color correction applied, unless specified otherwise.


Taken with different lenses and different focus modes. Manual exposure. Straight-out-of-camera JPEGs without any post-processing except for size reduction.

The following pictures were taken with a used Nikon 50mm 1.8/D lens. Manual exposure and manual focus. All in-camera JPEG (the Teak seed photo has been exposure-corrected and cropped). While I was chasing birds last December, the key to these pictures were sitting in a place patiently waiting for sunlight, wind and action. Wind plays an important part in the picture of the spider web.


Taken with a cheap Tamron 70-300mm (no VR) or the 18-55mm kitlens. All manual focus except the vertical bird photos. RAW processing was used for the photos of birds and the landscape. The vertical bird photo with bright background had serious colour bleed, which was fixed using Darktable.


Taken with the 18-55mm kitlens. All manual mode and manual focus, IIRC


Taken with the 18-55mm kitlens. All manual mode and manual focus, IIRC

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