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This page used to sound way factual. I don't want it like that anymore; that's never been my true personality. Yes, I care about each and every punctuation I put on paper, but that doesn't mean I'm a robot.

I am a computer programmer, technology writer, and one among those who care about the ethical issues related to technology. My other interests include stuff like experimeting with music. Academically, I hold a master's degree in Computer Science and have entered formal research.

I have professional experience as a Software Architect, and I get involved in popular and trendy technologies like Docker and Serverless. But my personal projects and experiments are off-road, mostly related to compilers, code generators and document generators. Please visit to get a glimpse of my personal projects.

I've been writing technical articles and books for some years now; you can find more about that on related pages in this website.

I've been invited to serve as a trainer and speaker in some occasions, which you can read about here.

Now, regarding what I consume, the list includes books, articles, movies, music and documentaries.

For my own record, I took out all the boasting out of this page on 2020-08-02, and uploaded it on 2020-08-17.

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