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Introducing FreeSEP

I've been a free software (free as in freedom) enthusiast even before I started using computers. I gradually migrated completely to free software and started spreading the word. I've been developing free software, delivering talks, and training people to use it.

But as a technical writer, I was not limited to software freedom. Other fields which I came across as part of my writing career include digital security and privacy, ergonomics, and green computing. I consider them healthy computing practices and my talks nowadays include these topics as well.

But I'd been searching for a more specific term than healthy computing. Recently I managed to coin a term FreeSEP, which stands for Freedom, Security, Ergonomics, Environment and Privacy. I just defined it officially while inaugurating the Computer Association of KR's Sree Narayana College, Valanchery today.

I am yet to figure out the specific ways I can involve and others can contribute.

Tags: freesep, freedom, free software, security, ergonomics, environment, green computing, privacy

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