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  1. Which browsers do you use?
  2. Which email services and clients do you use?
  1. Which browsers do you use?

    I primarily use Firefox Quantum, w3m, lynx and Tor. I've tried and occasionally use other browsers, but keep myself away from any proprietary software. This is the primary reason I don't use Chrome on my computers (although I use Chromium—which is Free Software—for testing purposes).

  2. Which email services and clients do you use?

    I rur my own mail server at, with the help of software packages including postfix and dovecot.

    I still retain the Gmail account that was created probably back in 2008, only for some special purposes. All my regular communication has moved to the account that I have in my own server.

    The primary way I access mail is via Mozilla Thunderbird, and it's my preferred email client.

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