Topics Handled by Nandakumar Edamana

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Here is a list of usual topics of my talks, lectures or workshops.

  • Improving the Performance of Websites and Web Apps
  • Good Development Practices and Test Automation
  • High-level code generation for productivity, consistency, etc.
  • Docker, Kubernetes, etc. (for beginners)
  • FreeSEP (Freedom, Security, Ergonomics, Environment and Privacy)
    • Free Software (free as in freedom)
    • Cyber attacks and basic safety measures
    • Online Tracking: how it is done and how to protect yourself
  • GNU/Linux
    • Philosophy, distributions, desktops, usage, etc.
    • The power of command line and shell (Bash) programming
    • Redirection and pipes (practical)
    • Regular expressions
  • Documentation
    • LaTeX
    • Introduction to Graphviz and Doxygen
  • Programming
    • GTK+ (C and Python)
    • Debugging (including intro to gdb)
  • Apache Web Server
    • Installation and configuration
    • RewriteEngine, .htaccess and other useful features
    • CGI programming
  • Virtualization
  • Remote Computing
    • ssh, sshfs, rsync, VNC, etc.
  • Practical introductions to Free Software applications including Audacity, ffmpeg, Inkscape, GIMP, Kdenlive, LibreOffice Suit, MuseScore, etc.