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I'm interested in listening, studying and creating music. I've had no formal training, but I started exploring back in my school days with the help of ebooks, articles and software that helped dissect and create MIDI files (mainly MusE). Yes, much like reverse engineering. Then I moved on to trying physical keyboards and writing sheet music.

I've been creating music since 2013 or so. I used to upload them to various sites including YouTube, but now I plan to publish everything here.


I'm not that good at "imagining music" and writing it right away, so I'll experiment with a keyboard and write down the motif using pencil and paper. When I'm satisfied with it, I'll feed the notation to the computer, manipulate it and let the machine render what I've written. I feed the notes using mouse and computer keyboard, not a MIDI keyboard.

Here is an article I wrote on creating music using Free Software, which covers the tools I use:

When Bliss Vibrates

This I created back in 2018 and is still one of my favourites.


Started in January, restarted in October, and finished in November (but the time spent on it was still a handful of hours).

NOTE: The bass part in this audio will be totally inaudible on mobile speakers. Maybe headphones will help.

[ Sheet ]

Rambling in the Merryland

I created this in 2016, and wrote placeholder lyrics in Malayalam. Here is the version without any lyrics (which I prefer). It was typeset (and rendered too?) with MuseScore. The soundfont used is Fluid GM. I wish I had added some stereo effects.


v1: [ Sheet ]

v2: [ Sheet ]

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