Digital Garden

This is my personal website and I've always wanted it to be truly personal. In an age were "blog" is just a term for marketing articles in a commercial website, I really admire blogs which are true blogs, the ones which share personal views, concerns and experiences. The blog section in this website tries to be like that.

At the same time, I wanted each blog post to be a finished article, so I kept dynamic and scattered stuff in other pages. For example, the stuff I read and thoughts on them went under /reading/. My liking of retro websites and links to some went under /links/retrosites/. As these things started to grow, I wanted to organize them somehow, and that's when I remembered having visited other people's digital gardens. So I decided to start one of my own and did that on 2022-12-15.

Please check the sidebox for the list of pages in this garden.