AI Without Hype

(Section started on 2022-06-30.)

Artificial Intelligence is an area that is full of hype, false promises and false explanations. Even the news and resources from sources that are otherwise trustworthy seem to be misleading and misinformed when it comes to AI. The sad part is, Computer Science researchers themselves get trapped in this. Personally I believe that this is because most CS people working on AI continue their works using high-level tools only, without knowing the inner workings. These tools or techniques appear to be magical, but are actually far from what the hype offers.

I totally recognize the existence, power, possibilities and danger of things like GAN (which makes deepfakes possible), but I disagree with the way they are spoken of, like Artificial General Intelligence is right around the corner.

I am by no means qualified to talk about cutting-edge AI (except having a Masters in CS with a single paper on AI), and I may be wrong regarding the critique of the hype. But I have reasons to belive that I'm right, and I continue reading on this topic. Here are some works that I recommend: